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New “Indiana Jones Fate of Atlantis” Style Point-and-Click Kickstarter

Last Updated on June 1, 2024

If you hanker for the days of LucasArts and Indiana Jones Fate of Atlantis-style adventures, you might be interested in The Adventures of the Black Hawk, a new game that is currently looking for funding on Kickstarter.

But there is a catch: the game is actually complete, but only in Spanish. The Kickstarter is for translation to English. Not only does that seem pretty important, a look at the game trailer shows that it is worth backing.

Set in France 1789, the Black Hawk is a Robin Hood-esque character, whose adventure kicks off in 320×320 style pixel resolution, Sound Blaster-style audio, and a point-and-click user interface. Pledges for the game start at the usual “back it because you love it” €5 option, which gets your name on the end credits, and cover everything from a digital copy of The Adventures of the Black Hawk to the €25 version with digital wallpapers and soundtrack, a €38 pack with a barrel-shaped USB stick of the game, and a physical boxed copy at €100 – and beyond. For high spenders, €800 will get your character in the game and your likeness on wanted posters.

Translating The Adventures of the Black Hawk has a €20,000 target for English translation (around £14,000) and has already hit £6,000 with over 50 days to go. To back the game head to its Kickstarter page.

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