The Simpsons Hit and Run remake

In-Development Simpsons Hit and Run Remake is Open World

Last Updated on February 7, 2024

Long ago, when big kids were playing Grand Theft Auto III, little kids (and their violence averse parents) were playing The Simpsons: Hit & Run. It was fun, but missed a key feature of GTA3: an open world. Fortunately, that could become a thing of the past thanks to the efforts of a YouTubing developer.

Yes: it’s time to witness the creation of The Simpsons: Hit & Run (originally released in 2003), open world style, thanks to the power of Unreal Engine 5.

YouTuber reubs says it won’t be available to download, so if you’ve ever fanced a Simpsons Hit and Run remake with a GTA-style open world, this is the closest you’re likely to get (unless you code it yourself…). The video above shows the basic aims of the build, and the software used by reubs to create a rather stunning Hit & Run open world. You’ll find plenty of observations, problems encountered, and solutions as reubs gets to grips with the challenge, the software, and any available assets he’s already acquired.

For this video i want to check off something massive the open world map is the most ambitious task ahead of me but what if i could use a shortcut?

Back in 2020 a model called kalu developed this open world Hit and Run map. If i can figure out a way to get this mod into the project it saves me a huge amount of time…


Today, a new video was issued, examining the creation of the all-important vehicles in the Simpsons Hit and Run remake.

And while no, this will probably never be available to play, the fact that everything is being explained as the game is built is amazing. What’s more, the information and feedback from fans and developers in the comments on the two videos is 100% awesome, inspiring, and downright wonderful.

To play The Simpsons: Hit & Run in 2022, you’ll need to buy a copy. Fortunately, a few sellers still list Simpsons: Hit & Run on Amazon.

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