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Axed Super Mario 64 Stage Appears in Forgotten 1996 Nintendo Document

Last Updated on June 1, 2024

We’re constantly finding out new things about video games that have been out for decades. Whilst cut content is something we won’t ever be able to experience in a game, it’s always nice to look at what we could have had.

Recently uncovered screenshots from a reel in Nintendo 64’s B-Roll in 1995 displayed a stage of Super Mario 64 that was never seen in the actual game. This eerie stage features the Mr. I eyeball enemies in an underwater environment. The footage only lasts a blink of an eye (no pun intended) and not many visuals to break down, but it was still an interesting detail nonetheless.

Thanks to Nintendo preservation site, Forest of Illusion alongside @Render_Archive and @Nintoid, the distribution of Nintendo’s 1996 company report meant that this footage could be shared with retro Nintendo fans worldwide via Twitter.

The full report can be read and downloaded for free on the Forest of Illusion blog. Other aspects of the report include sale statistics, new features for their technology and exclusive illustrations of the iconic characters we have come to love and early promo renders.

Although, the report is worded in Japanese, so some rough translations may be required to decipher what Nintendo were up to back in the day!

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