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What Storage Media Can You Connect to a Nintendo GameCube With a MemCard PRO GC?

Last Updated on June 3, 2023

The Nintendo GameCube features a pair of memory card slots for save games. In May 2023, 8BitMods releases the MemCard PRO GC, a GameCube memory card with a microSD slot and a USB slot.

(It also has Wi-Fi.)

The idea behind this is simple: that you’ll be able to run GameCube files from a USB device or SD card.

Files are stored on either a microSD card that you can plug it to the MemCard PRO GC, or on a USB flash drive, or externally powered hard disk! microSD cards of up to 2TB are supported, but you can go larger on a USB device, as the theoretical limit of an exFat volume is 128PB!!

The possibilities there are clearly considerable, but what sort of USB devices can you really connect to the MemCard PRO GC?

In the video above, you’ll find out just how flexible this little USB/SD/Wi-Fi dongle really is. Sadly, some devices will not work, for one reason or another. But overall, based on the outcomes in this video by YouTube channel Will It Work?, if you own a GameCube and want to use it for gaming, having the MemCard PRO GC is a good idea.

You can pre-order the MemCard PRO GC in Frost White or Smoke Black for around £65 from 8BitMods, ahead of its May 15th release date. A PlayStation 1 model is also available.

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