This Awesome NES-Style Xbox Controller Will Never Be Made

This Awesome NES-Style Xbox Controller Will Never Be Made

A graphics designer on Reddit has released some concept art of what they envision an Xbox-branded NES controller to look like.

User Snowway22 posted several different designs to the Xbox Subreddit. These images have received a ton of praise, with many users saying they would buy the controller if it were real.

Even the official Xbox Social Media Team commented on the pictures saying, “Each controller accompanies a copy of Ultra Clippy Only Child. (For PR purposes, Ultra Clippy Only Child is not a real product).”

Gamers have always enjoyed customizing their gaming peripherals. Nowadays, you can purchase ‘Skins’ for every controller you can think of. Even back in the 90s, Nintendo Power Magazine released stickers for the NES controller which covered the entire front panel.

Full console customization is big business these days as well. You need look no further than Nintendo’s limited edition Tears of the Kingdom Switch console, which looks stunning, may I add.

There are dozens of ways to spice up your controllers through unofficial channels. Custom content hubs like Etsy are full of sellers offering unique vinyls for gaming peripherals. You’ll be hard-pressed to find much for classic controllers, but there are plenty for PS4/PS5 and Xbox devices.

Snowway22 goes by the username Pineapple Graphics on Instagram where they’ve done some stunning concept art for other controllers including the Neo-Geo. Check out their page if you want to see more of their impressive work.

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