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Full Size Amiga Console from Retro Games Ltd Confirmed!

Last Updated on November 4, 2023

Could a “maxi” full size Amiga console be coming from RGL? It looks like it!

Following months of speculation, the Retro Games Ltd Facebook page revealed the full sized version of TheA500 Mini would arrive in late 2024.

As you can see from the roadmap above, the “A500 Maxi” is just one of several enticing looking projects.

While a hoped-for ZX Spectrum Mini might be the “new mini console” planned for Q1 2024, neither that, nor the “full size” consoles in Q1 2025 and Q3 2025, are anywhere near confirmation.

Full size Amiga console

A full size Amiga console to complement the A500 Mini, has been high on many retro gamers wishlist for some months now. While the A500 mini was warmly received (and counties to sell at a good price on Amazon), like the C64 Mini, it has some reduced functionality due to the form factor.

The key failing is the lack of a usable keyboard on the smaller system; while this came as no surprise (the C64 Mini had a similar non-working keyboard), it naturally opened up demand for a full-sized system. After all, Retro Games Ltd issued a C64 Maxi (and a VIC-20 model) in the classic dimensions.

While we don’t expect a full-sized Amiga 500 console to feature a working disk drive a fully featured keyboard seems to be the minimum expectation.

It seems reasonable to assume that further details on the a500 maxi will appear early in 2024.

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