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Tim Rachor’s ‘It Returned to the Desert’ Now Out on Steam

Last Updated on February 22, 2023

It Came from the Desert was a critical darling on the Amiga, receiving mountains of praise in 1989 for its mix of gameplay types and vivid storytelling. It’s a special game for many fans because there’s nothing quite like it! It’s part visual novel, point-and-click adventure, first-person, third-person, you name it, and it’s here. Impressive for a game over three decades old!

Although not explicitly a reimagining or spiritual successor, It Returned to the Desert offers a firm nod to the 1989 classic. Multiple gameplay types are present, including turn-based combat and a host of minigames.

The title looks and sounds like it’s from the ’90s, and that’s the point. Tim Rachor, the developer, states that the game “boasts modern design principles and no dead ends or overly high difficulty”. This is great to hear, as although I could play retro games every day of the week, the industry has learned a few lessons over the years.

One of the key features that made It Came from the Desert so successful is its focus on replayability. It Returned to the Desert offers the same with non-linear progression and a large cast of characters.

It Returned to the Desert‘s unique blend of genres is proudly shown off in the trailer on Steam, where it is listed at just £8.99.

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