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Limited Run Games Releasing Final Nintendo 3DS Physical Game

Last Updated on June 3, 2023

One last physical release is being teased, for the 3DS, in the wake of Nintendo eShop’s official shutdown.

As a company known for producing limited edition physical-format titles for purists and collectors, Limited Run Games, has carefully timed this final goodbye-release to ride the wave of attention, as Nintendo follows up its declaration that it is done with these older platforms.

Now that digital sales and physical production have come to a halt, fans are expectantly discussing which game it might be, trying to squeeze clues from the hazed out picture, which accompanied the following tweet…

“Yesterday, the 3DS and Wii U digital stores went down. Days like that remind us why we do what we do and why we’ll keep on doing it. We have one last 3DS release to give you—more news to come! #ForeverPhysical

The 3Ds has had a great run as a portable console since its launch in 2011 and the closure heralds a potentially lucrative market in the second-hand physical games market among those who retain a fondness for it, particularly initially as the FOMO effect kicks in.

LRG state there is more news to come, so what this space…

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