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Mast1c0re Exploit Means Multiple Working Emulators on PS5

Last Updated on June 3, 2023

Waiting to run classic game emulators on PS5? Your patience has been rewarded…

The PS5 may be at the cutting edge of console technology, but sometimes you just can’t beat the classics. If you’ve dreamt of going from playing Returnal to Streets of Rage 2 at the touch of a button, you can do just that, thanks to the Mast1c0re exploit.

Funnily enough, this exploit takes advantage of the built-in PS2 emulation capabilities of the PS5. By loading a modified save file into the Okage: Shadow King PS2 game, a chain of exploits can be started that enables the use of homebrew. At the time of writing, Okage: Shadow King is still available to download on the official PlayStation store.

The method to get these emulators working looks pretty similar to PSP Homebrew, albeit with a few extra steps.

Emulators you can access with this exploit include:

  • PGen (Sega Megadrive/Genesis)
  • SNES9x (Super Nintendo)
  • QuickNes (Nes)
  • Race (NeoGeo Pocket/Pocket Color)

With any emulation in its infancy, bugs and glitches are commonplace, so don’t expect everything to work 100% just yet.

Getting emulators and ROMS on your PS4/PS5 is a little trickier than turning on the kitchen light, but it’s something the average user can do. Ultimately, this isn’t an intended use for the console, so proceed at your own risk.

If you want to take a deep dive into exactly how these exploits work, including download links for everything, check out guide or watch the video above.

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