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New Arcade Archives retro releases for PS4 and Switch

Last Updated on March 31, 2024

A quartet of new Arcade Archives titles have been released in March 2024. Mouse, Tank Battalion, Surprise Attack, and Volfied are now all available as digital downloads for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.


Mouser is a two player action game released by UPL in 1983. Take control of the tomcat Nyanta and rescue his lover Mariya from her mouse captors!

These mice are hungry, and will even eat a cat, among various other surprises. Help Nyanta to rescue fiancée!

Tank Battalion

Released way back in 1980, NAMCO shooter Tank Battalion has been copied various times over the years, and is a predecessor to Battle City and Tank Force. In this two-player shooter, you take control of a tank to protect your HQ from enemy tanks.
Risky attacks give you a higher score, so attack enemies head-on rather than sneaky long-distance attacks.

Surprise Attack

1990’s Konami side-scrolling platform shooter Surprise Attack sets you the task of recovering a space shuttle, space station, and moon base from the “Black Dawn” forces, an international terrorist group with the lofty plan of threatening the entire universe.

Featuring a two-player option, this is one of the more interesting Archive Arcade releases for me, as it is a game I’ve seen in person, liked the look of, but never had the chance to play (time constraints). You clear each stage when all bombs are collected, but beware – the game features quiz questions…


Volfied is a line-drawing action puzzle game released by TAITO in 1989.

Pilot the Monotros to drive out the aliens from your home world using the ship’s laser to take back the captured territory. This is a two player game, requiring you to take 80% of a stage to win. Contact with the ship or incomplete lines by the enemies results in death.

Why choose Arcade Archive releases?

Some of these games have already been re-released, so what makes the Arcade Archives versions different?

Well, they come with some extra features, such as adjusting game difficulty, and making display setting tweaks to replicate the arcade originals. Furthermore, you can submit your score to a global high score table. While they don’t have physical versions, Arcade Archive releases are definitely worth checking out.

Each title is £6.29/$7.99, and can be found in the Nintendo eShop or PlayStation Store.

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