High Quality Scans Of Super Smash Bros Melee Battle Cards Available Online

Last Updated on July 5, 2023

Reddit user u/bonejangles has uploaded high-quality scans of the Super Smash Bros Melee Battle Cards. Until now, images of these cards were blurry and hard to read. Scans like this mean you could technically print your own if you wanted a set.

Super Smash Bros Melee Battle Cards! There isn’t a ton of info on this official promo from a 2005 UK magazine, and there were no high quality scans anywhere, so I did them myself!
byu/bonejangles insmashbros

These cards came free with an issue of the Official Nintendo Magazine back in 2001. The rules are questionable, but u/bonejangles kindly wrote the official instructions in the Reddit thread. Basically, the game is like Rock, Paper, Scissors with extra steps, and the ‘Level Cards’ mean players can instantly win with a lucky draw. It’s silly and simple, but I’m pretty sure these were never meant for competitive play.

I love reporting on finds like this because gaming magazines were so important to me as a kid. A big highlight of eachmonth was getting the new Official PlayStation UK Magazine. Naturally, the Demo Disc was the real reason I wanted it, but the magazine always got me salivating for new titles. The writing lost its way when the writers tried catering to a more mainstream crowd, but they remain an important part of gaming history.

Physical gaming magazines have gone the way of the dodo over recent years. Still, there are a few available if you know where to look. Back in April, we reported on Debug Magazine and the release of their first issue in both Physical and Digital format. If you’re a fan of the indie scene, check out their official page.

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