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SEGA Mega Drive Mini Prices Skyrocket – Here’s How to Pay Less

Last Updated on June 5, 2023

Brought to our attention this week was the obscene price of the SEGA Mega Drive Mini on Amazon – currently at £220.

That’s quite an increase from the original release price and can only be due to one thing: the international chip shortage. Certainly, the price hasn’t just shot up from its initial £75. Rather, it has been a gradual climb, one that appears to mirror the length of the chip shortage and the interruption to freight schedules over the past year or so.

We used the price history and tracking tool to learn more about the price of the SEGA Mega Drive Mini in the past 12 months. In the first year since its October 2019 release, the miniature cloned console maintained a pretty constant price. But then this happened:

SEGA Mega Drive Mini price chart

Conversely, the Sony PlayStation Classic Console has maintained a pretty standard price. It’s remained at around £90. Did Sony build more of these than SEGA did with the Mega Drive Mini? It’s difficult to say… but we might have found you a loophole.

It seems that while the Mega Drive Mini is ridiculously expensive, the Genesis Mini is not, available for £90 right now on Amazon. So, here’s an alternative theory: SEGA misjudged demand for devices called “Mega Drive Mini” and is attempting to fix this by selling Genesis Minis instead. The downside here is that this version of the console features a different selection of games.

But if you’re desperate for a Mega Drive Mini and don’t have £219.99 to hand, the Genesis Mini makes sense.

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