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New A500 Mini Firmware Update Adds Free Game and Feature Updates

Last Updated on December 14, 2023

Retro Games Limited has issued an A500 Mini firmware update that adds 1988 classic Time Bandit to the machine, along with various quality of life improvements.

Time Bandit was issued on various formats in the late 1980s, with the Amiga release landing in 1988 to critical acclaim. A Gauntlet-style top-down time travel adventure, the game has nothing to do with the Terry Gilliam/Michael Palin movie Time Bandits. Graphics do the job, and although playable, the sound is a disappointment It did, however, achieve a 92% score in Zzap!64 (which hadn’t yet changed its name to Zzap!64 Amiga) and was declared a “16-bit sizzler”.

Time Bandit

What’s in the A500 Mini firmware update?

RGL’s log of changes for the device are as follows:

  • Adds an additional ‘free’ game – Time Bandit – to the carousel!
  • Adds support for custom controller configurations
  • Corrects the speed of Amiga 500 WHDLoad games that could run too quickly
  • Allows a second controller to be used with ADF files
  • Fixes an issue where a USB stick can appear corrupt after removing it from THEA500 Mini and inserting into a Windows PC
  • Improves game action translationsnew mini consolenew mini console
  • Various other minor bug fixes also done!

As ever, you can grab your A500 Mini firmware update from the dedicated link.

Meanwhile, RGL has hinted at news to come in January. There is still that matter of a new mini console to reveal…

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