Classics from SegaSoft, Obsidian, and Rocket Jockey Coming To PC

SegaSoft Classics Obsidian, and Rocket Jockey Coming to PC

We’ve seen a ton of retro games make their way onto modern platforms lately, where modern audiences can enjoy them for the first time. Looking to join the ranks are cult classics Rocket Jockey and Obsidian. Both are scheduled for release on August 28 on Steam and the Publishers’ own Storefront, Zoom. 

These titles were originally released in 1996 and were developed by Rocket Science Games.

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I never had the opportunity to play Rocket Jockey when it first came out, but the title looks to be a futuristic vehicular combat/sports game. You can check out the trailer on Steam, but the game looks like fun and released to a warm reception in the ’90s.

Image from Steam

On the other hand, Obsidian is a title I know about. If you’ve ever played Myst, you’ll feel right at home as the game shares the same ‘Point and Click’ gameplay. The original was so big it spanned a whopping five discs! And the prerendered backdrops have survived the test of time remarkably well. Obsidian is an atmospheric puzzler set in the distant future of 2066. Check out the Steam Trailer to see the game in action.

You’ll want to pick these titles up on Zoom Platform Media’s website for the most complete versions. On this storefront, each game is sold as a ‘Digital Deluxe’ edition, including extras like box art and soundtracks. Personally, I’m not a fan of this practice, as many PC gamers have their entire libraries on Steam. Still, the games will work the same regardless of where you get them from. 

Rocket Jockey and Obsidian are both available to Wishlist on Steam. Both titles are ‘temporarily unavailable’ on Zoom at the time of writing, likely because they haven’t yet been released.

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