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Commodore Plus/4 Stars in Pixel Addict #13

Last Updated on July 30, 2023

As a Commodore 64 owner, I looked upon the release of the Commodore Plus/4 with a fair dose of derision. After all, what was the point in releasing a machine that didn’t run the same software?

Back in 1984, this was Commodore’s “business-oriented” alternative to the C64, along with the low-cost C16 and Europe-only C116, which visually resembled the Plus/4. In fact, this visual confusion was probably a big reason why the Plus/4 failed to gain any real traction in the UK. It looked like a lower spec machine, and despite built-in office software, appeared to do less than the C64.

So, the latest edition of Pixel Addict is very informative, explaining what they rightly describe as “Commodore’s most misunderstood computer” along with a bunch of other features. Along with a look at Zool‘s resurrection there’s a feature on upgrading the Acorn BBC Micro, something I’ve particuarly enjoyed.

Commodore Plus/4 stars in Pixel Addict 13

Here’s the main list of features in Pixel Addict #13

ISSUE 13 includes:

  • This month’s cover story honours Commodore’s most misunderstood computer, the Plus/4. We interview Bil Herd (ex-Commodore hardware engineer) in order to get to grips with what made the iconic computer that he designed so special.
  • Top 5 Commodore Plus/4 games round-up.
  • We know MYST was a great game, but why did it end up as the best-selling game of the 1990s?
  • A look back at the Prince Of Persia movie adaptation and a video game players guide.
  • Do you remember the Terminator computer, console and arcade games?
  • We take to the slopes on SSX Tricky.
  • Modern Nintendo 64 indie game releases.
  • Zool is back! Pixel Addict editor Paul chats with the team at SUMO Digital Academy to find out why they chose the ninja from the Nth dimension for their latest game release.
  • Upgrading the Acorn BBC micro with retro hacks and modern addons.
  • Vintage computer collecting: the Thomson T07 and the BBC Master home micro.
  • We size up Microsoft’s Zune mp3 player against the classic Apple iPod.
  • A retrospective on the fun of PC buying in the 90s!
  • Games editor Alan recalls the time he was filmed for possibly inclusion in the PlayStation 2 title, SingStar.
  • Review of the new Commodore 64-inspired music album, C64 Rocks by The Fastloaders.
  • Tonka Gobots – Super Leader-1.
  • Regulars such as News, Homebrew Heroes, readers’ points of view and ex-Ocean Software’s Simon Butler.
  • Plus lots lots more..!

You can grab Pixel Addict from the publication’s online store. I’ve struggled to get this magazine regularly from my local WHSmith, so I would recommend you order online if it’s harder to find than Amiga Addict.

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