Pixel Addict 14

Pixel Addict 14 Examines Celebrities and Computers

Last Updated on September 7, 2023

The latest issue of Britain’s best-selling digital culture magazine is out now – but what is in Pixel Addict 14?

Well, it’s a star-studded edition, with Lush guitarist Miki Berenyi, Game’s World’s Alex Verrey, and TV legend THE ACTUAL CHRIS SERLE (presenter, or course, of the BBC’s inspiring The Computer Show) interviewed about computers and gaming.

Among the many other features in this issue, there is also a look at the BeOS and Haiku OS operating systems. Initially launched in 1995, BeOS was shortlived, but continued as the still-in-development Haiku OS. While neither managed to steal ground from Microsoft or macOS (or even Linux), there remains a committed group of Haiku OS users.

Pixel Addict 14

Also in Pixel Addict 14

Elsewhere in the magazine, you’ll find:

  • Alex Lee interviewed about his time working on classic gaming magazines like Games-X, GB Action, Super Action, Amiga Action and Control.
  • Rare vintage computer hardware: Casio PV-2000, Handspring Visor and Power Mac G4 Cube.
  • NERG 2023 (North East Retro Gaming) featuring Twin Galaxies’ Walter Day and Billy Mitchell.
  • Iconic classic gaming including the original Resident Evil on PlayStation and Uplink: Hacker Elite.
  • Mortal Kombat movies go into battle. Which will have the best cinematic finishing move?
  • A look at Retro Games Ltd’s first mini console, TheC64 Mini.
  • Growing up with the Sinclair Spectrum.
  • PC Zone magazine 30th anniversary celebration event.
  • Ever wanted to own an arcade cab? PA checks out a selection of Arcade1up’s home arcade machines.
  • Marvel Comics’ The Silver Surfer.
  • Game randomisers, do they really breathe new life into old games?
  • Regulars such as News, Homebrew Heroes, readers’ points of view and ex-Ocean Software’s Simon Butler.
  • Plus lots lots more..!

Released on August 24th, you can pick up Pixel Addict 14 in your local WHSmith or order online from the pixel.addict.media website.

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