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Amstrad Addict Special Magazine Details Released

Last Updated on April 3, 2024

As previously reported, Amstrad Addict is a new 60-page magazine for fans of the Amstrad CPC computer range.

Edited by David Crookes, a veteran of the retro gaming press, the magazine is packed with content, including:

Amstrad Addict special magazine
  • An interview with Lord Alan Sugar, the founder of Amstrad
  • In-depth articles from key figures in the Amstrad community, including Roland Perry, Auntie John, Adam Peters, Nich Campbell, Xyphoe, Rob Scott, Themistocles “gryzor” Papassilekas, Neil Reive, Stuart “Balrog” Whyte, Steve “WACCI” Williams and Andy Price
  • An amazing type-in (and explanation) by Sean McManus
  • Interviews with Richard Fairhurst, Philip Oliver, Tony Warriner and other star developers
  • An amazing story about an unreleased Amstrad game
  • Behind-the-scenes looks at Toki and Vespertino
  • Interviews with the people behind Protext and OCP Advanced Art Studio
  • A chat with Frank Gasking
  • A unique, exclusive cartoon by the brilliant Tony Husband
  • And that’s just the start!

Why Amstrad Addict?

The Amstrad CPC 464 – the one you can see in the magazine’s cover – was the most popular home model of Amstrad’s computers. You may notice its design has some similarities with the ZX Spectrum +2 and later models. Spectrums adopted the all-in-one form factor after Amstrad purchased Sinclair in 1986.

An interesting fact about the Amstrad CPC 464 is that it was designed to be sold with an affordable display (the bundle was £299 with a colour monitor, £199 with a green display). No other UK-produced system shipped with its own display; even the BBC Micro, which had a recommended display, could be purchased alone. Amstrad believed a bundled monitor would free-up the family TV, at a time when most homes had just one television. It seems to have been a good move, as 2 million Amstrad CPC 464 computers were sold.

(The CPC range in total – which included two versions with disk drives – sold 3 million units).

Amstrad Addict is the essential magazine for any fan of the Amstrad CPC. Order your copy now at before stocks run out.

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