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Amstrad Addict Collectors Edition Magazine Announced

Last Updated on September 14, 2023

Amazing news from the team at Addict Media – they’ve announced the forthcoming release of a one-shot special edition dedicated to Amstrad computers.

Back in the 1980s and 90s, the British computer scene was dominated by US computers and Japanese consoles. But the fight back – if you can call it that – was positive, with three main platforms vying for supremacy against Commodores and Segas: Sinclair, Acorn, and Amstrad.

While the Amstrad wasn’t hugely popular, everyone knew someone who had one. The CPC 464 was probably the most well-known of their systems (although they had a popular PC line too), and anyone how knows their British computer history will know that Amstrad ended up buying Sinclair.

But that’s just one story from a line of systems that made a certain businessman quite famous…

Here’s how the news of the magazine was announced on Facebook:

As you may know, Addict Media has already had success with Amiga Addict and Pixel Addict. So, hopes are high for this special edition!

Amstrad Addict Collectors Edition Magazine is a one-off special print magazine produced in limited numbers to celebrate the iconic Amstrad CPC 8-bit home computer range.

Edited by top notch journalist (and ex-Amstrad WACCI writer) David Crookes, Amstrad Addict takes a deep dive into the CPC scene. Read ex-industry professionals’ first-hand memories and stories about their time working on, playing with, writing about and programming the Amstrad CPC.

This glossy 60-page publication is printed on high quality paper stock and unveils exclusive interviews, classic and latest game reviews – plus we even feature a Locomotive BASIC type-ins section! Amstrad Addict features ex-Amstrad Action staff, CPC game developers and even includes an exclusive interview with Lord Alan Sugar himself!

For fans of the Amstrad CPC 464, 6128 and Plus machines, this magazine is truly one not to be missed!

With a ccover price of £8, you can order Amstrad Addict from the Addict Media store right now.

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