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Slew of New Evercade Indie Cartridges Announced for 2023

Last Updated on August 9, 2023

In a 22 minute presentation, new Evercade indie cartridges were announced on YouTube last night (July 31st).

Dedicated to dedicated to modern retro indie games, the upcoming collections boast 12 titles between them. Furthermore, some interesting presentation options are included, with one title available in various editions.

Sounds intriguing!

Upcoming Evercade indie cartridges

Evercade has long been a supporter of indie developers. So far, two “Indie Heroes” collections have been released. In addition, smaller releases such as Xeno Crisis and Tanglewood, Alwa’s Awakening/Cathedral, and a collection from Morphcat have underlined the platform’s commitment to indie.

Over the coming months, the following cartidges – some collections, one single title – will be released for Evercade systems:

Click each link to lean more about the corresponding title.

These will be released in October and December, with pre-orders kicking off in August and September, respectively.

New Game of the Month for August 2023

Finally, Blaze has confirmed the Game of the Month for August. Doodle World Redrawn is by Nate and Araceli Peters. Father Nate and character designer Araceli present a tougher game this time around, and Evercade VS and EXP owners can enjoy the title by updating the system firmware now.

For full details, head to www.evercade.co.uk.

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