A Look at the Goodboy Galaxy & Witch n’ Wiz Dual Evercade Cart [Updated]

Last Updated on October 29, 2023

The recent Evercade Showcase event unveiled a couple of dual-title carts. One of these, Goodboy Galaxy/Witch n’ Wiz features a pair of indie games released originally for Game Boy Advance and Nintendo Entertainment System.

Here’s the official blurb for the collection:

The Goodboy Galaxy/Witch n’ Wiz dual cartridge for Evercade features two grand adventures to enjoy on your Evercade systems. In Goodboy Galaxy, you’ll take to the stars as Maxwell the dog as you seek to repair his broken hyperdrive. And in Witch n’ Wiz, you’ll tackle devious puzzles on a quest to save your childhood friend from a magical fate!

But what of the games themselves?

Witch n’ Wiz

In Witch n’ Wiz, an 8-bit puzzle adventure for Evercade, you’ll delve into perilous dungeons in search of your childhood friend. Brains rather than brawn will save the day on this adventure, though!

Initially released in 2022 and available as a physical release for a limited time, Witch n’ Wiz features modern gaming elements like rewind, as well as evolving gameplay that develops every few levels.

Find out more about this game on the Witch n’ Wiz homepage.

Goodboy Galaxy

Take on the role of Maxwell the dog in Goodboy Galaxy, one of the best exploration platformers on Evercade. Solve puzzles, defeat enemies and make new friends on your quest to repair your spaceship!

Launched as a Kickstarter early in 2023, this game quickly reached fulfilment. Intended for Game Boy Advance (with Switch and PC versions), it features:

  • Explore colourful tightly-packed levels with multiple routes 
  • Meet 50 characters and collect their friendship cards
  • Traverse the galaxy and hunt down secret areas 
  •  Upgrade your blaster with special abilities 

You can learn more about Goodboy Galaxy and its impressive scope from its Kickstarter page.

This dual cartridge collection is available for pre-order in October, for release in December 2023.

Goodboy Galaxy update

Thanks to some clever supply chain management, the cartridges have had their release date brought forward. They will now ship in late November 2023!

Learn more at Evercade.co.uk.

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