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Retro Sega Dreamcast Kiosk Spotted In Las Vegas Store

Last Updated on June 3, 2023

A Sega Dreamcast Kiosk has just been spotted in a store in Las Vegas and is currently up for sale. There used to be plenty of kiosks like this, but many have succumbed to poor storage conditions or have lost the battle against time. Considering the Dreamcast was released in 1998, this should be no surprise.

Details about the Kiosk (pictured) surfaced on the Dreamcast Subreddit.

Sadly for potential buyers, the store is asking for $1500, which is rather steep. Even for a pristine unit, $1500 would be at the top end of what many collectors would be willing to spend. Based on the images, this unit is missing a small flap covering the TV’s front. Unless it’s in storage, the transparent panel protecting where the Dreamcast would sit is also missing, so unfortunately, this is a hard sell.

Units like these used to be in every decent video game store and always had a group huddling around them. Even CRT screens are in short supply nowadays, so these things really are a relic of a bygone era.
I distinctly remember the awkward shuffle some bystanders had perfected when they were queuing to have a go. It was code for “you’ve been hogging that thing for 10mins. I’m not standing behind you for fun!”

The Dreamcast was considered a failure by Sega and is the last console they produced. Despite this, many fans still hold the console in high regard, and the chance to own a piece of history like this always creates a buzz.

If you want to know more or join in on the conversation, check out the Dreamcast Subreddit.

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