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Ready for Some Evercade Amiga Action?

Last Updated on June 3, 2023

It seems that an Evercade Amiga games collection is coming! Following months of rumours and wishlists since the announcement of the C64 collection, the Amiga 37 event was where the news was confirmed.

Taking place in Moenchengladbach over the last weekend, the Amig 37 event is a sort of social/convention for lovers of all things Amiga. Germany is essentially the home of the Amiga, thanks to the platform lasting longer there (one of the “saviours” of Commodore, Escom, was a German company). As such, it makes sense to hold the event there.

A summary of the news can be found here:

Of course, there is little to go on at this stage. It seems unlikely that any already-released titles familiar to Amiga users (e.g. gaames in the Bitmap Brothers Collection or Codemasters Collection) will land on Evercade. On the other hand, Factor 5 seem very keen to leverage Turrican at the moment, so perhaps there is some scope there.

A must have list of Amiga titles on the Evercade should ideally avoid any significant repetition with the A500 Mini, however. Happily, the platform hosted thousands of games, many of which remain memorable. Public domain icon Amiga Tanx would be a good starting point…

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