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Resident Evil 4’s Inventory Management Transforms into a Full Game

There’s always one little element of a game or a mini game that you could spend hours playing on its own. From shooting pumpkins in Skyward Sword to the toy car game in Professor Layton, sometimes you can never get bored of the smaller bitesize challenges. But what if that element was turned into a whole new game?

That’s exactly what Fractal Projects have materialised. An organisation game based off of the inventory management screen from Resident Evil 4. The puzzle game, known as Save Room, involves fitting items into tight spaces, combining items to save space and topping up ammo. You can even sort eggs and fish! It works similarly to Tetris and certain items take up a certain amount of blocks. No blocks should be left empty!

Save Room takes a more dynamic approach where you must fit the items into different shaped inventories, whereas Resident Evil 4 has you sorting out the mess inside your inventory. Resident Evil: Village reimagined this management system with a sleeker aesthetic.

Save Room is available on Nintendo Switch now for £4.99 ($4.99 EU 4.99).

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