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Preorder a Tron Arcade Machine From Arcade1Up

Last Updated on May 29, 2024

The Tron arcade machine from Arcade1Up was leaked several months ago; on October 19th you’ll be able to preorder one, assuming you live in the US or Canada.

The licensed remake of the original 1982 film-inspired cabinet is intended for home arcade setups, and is apparently one of the most requested releases – no doubt due to its unique gameplay and stunning design.

But would you have this arcade machine in your living room? Perhaps your hallway is more suitable, or home office or mancave?

Arcade1Up game cabinets have quickly grown popular and proven unmissable purcases for video game enthusiasts in an era where DIY systems that play entire game libraries are prevalent. But these cabiners play great, look great, and are instant conversation pieces, ideal for gamers and pop culture collectors.

Almost 40 years ago, Tron was awarded “Coin-Operated Game of the Year” by Electronic Games magazine. The Arcade1Up Tron cabinet revives the gorgeous aesthetic, even featuring an illuminated blue joystick. This time around, the Tron arcade machine features the sequel, Discs of Tron.

The cabinet features striking artwork, riser, stool, and addictive gameplay and graphics. An Arcade1Up Tron home arcade cabinet is one of the most 1980s things you could own.

2021 Tron Arcade Machine Specifications

The full list of specifications:

  • Responsive ink on control deck and screen adjacent inner side panels, illuminated by included black light under marquee.
  • Light-up front panel
  • Light-up flight stick
  • Light-up marquee
  • Custom designed cabinet and riser
  • Official Matching Stool Included
  • WIFI Enabled Leaderboard
  • Assembled Dimensions: 22.13 D x 19.72 W x 64.72 H
  • Box Dimensions: 12.38 D x 23.75 W x 47.75 H
  • Weight: 95.24lbs.  
  • Adjustable Variable Volume
  • Clear Deck Protector
  • Anti-Tip Over Strap

All in all this is a stunning revival of the original Tron cabinet.

Head to the Arcade1Up website to preorder the Disney-licensed Tron arcade classic. UK retro gamers keen on Tron, meanwhile, should keep an eye on the Currys website (which features several Arcade1Up cabinets) and hope it arrives in the New Year.

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