Panic Confirms Playdate Games Library Additions for July 2023

Last Updated on July 19, 2023

A bunch of new games have been announced for the Playdate handheld, crank-driven console.

Landing on the curated on-device and web-based games store Catalog, the collection of games and apps are available now.

New Playdate games for July 2023

Available now in the Playdate Catalog are Gun Trails, Kicooya MP3, Possessions, CodeWordPlay, Mash Gadget, Cranky Bird, Clash Cards, Bomber Panda, and DYG.

  • Gun Trails – $6
    • By Yoyogi Games
    • Description: Experience three stages of thrilling action, heart-pounding music, and score-chasing-delight as you navigate your way through intricate bullet patterns and larger-than-life bosses. Dodge, attack, survive! Pushing the system to its limits, Gun Trails runs at the device’s maximum display speed, can you keep up?
    • Credits: Josh Filstrup, Design, Direction & Programming. Sam Filstrup, Art. Adam Carey, Music & SFX. Matt Martin, SFX. John Sremac, Voice Over. 
  • Kicooya MP3 – $9 
    • By Abeno Studio
    • Description: Kicooya MP3 is a music player for Playdate. Analyze MP3 files and display song information and artwork. The sound quality can be adjusted with a 5-band parametric equalizer. Retro mode gives you the feel of old device. Switch the Music Player page to the Face of your choice. You can create your own Face using JSON / Lua Script. Play videos encoded for Playdate (.pdv). Supports English and Japanese.
  • Possessions  – $3
    • By Moonbeam Games
    • Description: Welcome to Possessions, a ghoulish game of programs, puzzles, and poltergeists. In Possessions, you play as a restless spirit, wandering from neighborhood to neighborhood and home to home, possessing the residents therein, and messing with their relationships however suits your fancy. Why? Gotta pass time in the afterlife somehow.
    • Credits: Mick Johnson, Programming and Game Design. Eve Moroyoqui, Art. Additional Art by Mick Johnson and Aimee Venot. Music, Steven Wahl (@stevenwahlmusic). 
  • A Special Note on The Lushes Land – 
    • While mentioned in the above video, The Lushes Land has been delayed for release on Catalog. 
  • CodeWordPlay – $4
    • By Mike Suszek
    • Description:  You are a code breaker who stumbles across a device that spits out coins every time you solve a four-letter code. As your wealth grows, so do the questions: Where did this device come from? Who made it? What happens if you keep playing, or worse yet, if you walk away from it all?
    • Credits: Developed by Mike Suszek
  • Mash Gadget – $5
    • By Bipedal Dog
    • Description: Stretch that forearm, crack those knuckles — it’s time to test your mashing skills in Mash Gadget, a digital (emphasis on the digit) throwback toy perfect for training trigger fingers or fidgeting away the minutes.
    • Credits: Ray Barnhol
  • Cranky Bird – $3
    • By Jerry Verhoeven
    • Description: After a hard day’s work in the mines, our bird is CRANKY. Who could blame him? He’s tired, hungry and has a hellish commute ahead of him… Navigate this cranky bird through 32 perilous levels full of spikes, water hazards and crackling electricity. Along this herculean journey you’ll get to meet a small cast of friendly birds that help to motivate our cranky bird reach his loving family back home.
    • Credits:  Jerry Verhoeven, code, art, and writing. Asa Azuma, music. 
  • Clash Cards – $3
    • By  Dardoyle
    • Description: Clash Cards is a competitive card battler game. Fight for control of the board by battling against your opponent’s cards. Whoever controls the most cards after everything has been played is the winner!
    • Credits: Darcy Hatfield, Programming, Design, Art, Music
  • Bomber Panda – $2
    • By Rob Seto-Patchett
    • Description: Help the ‘Bomber Panda’ save his species from extinction by… blowing stuff up! This fun and challenging game has 31 levels of increasing difficulty for you to blast through. Collect power-ups to increase your bomb capacity, explosion size and walking speed. Avoid or blast the aggressive enemies while you try to find the exit. 
    • Credits: Rob Seto-Patchett, Code, Design and Graphics. Brandon Gomez, Music. Yoshinori Fujioka, Catalog graphic design.
  • DYG – $3
    • By Burgess Voshell
    • Description: Labor in the field.

You can learn more about this collection of Playdate games or on-device via the Catalog. Games for Playdate can also be sideloaded and purchased from sites like

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