Neo-Retro Handheld Playdate Launches Curated Game Store

Last Updated on June 3, 2023

One of the most intriguing mobile gaming devices of the past few years is the Playdate. A compact Game Boy-like system with standard buttons, controller, and a hand crank (no, really), it was released in April 2022 after almost three years of development.

Software for the Playdate has so far been distributed wirelessly, with two games weekly rolled out. Its e-Paper display and unique controller makes for a unique gaming experience, but things are about to change. Developer Panic Inc has announced that the Playdate is to gain an online store of curated games.

Already boasting 24 games in season 1 and a number of third party titles, the Playdate Catalog is available both on the device itself and on the web. However this exiting news comes with oe downside: the Playdate is now $20 more, presumably to reflect this development.

The Playdate Catalog has launched with 16 titles, 11 of which are new to the platform:

  • A Joke That’s Worth .99¢ – kamibox ($1)
  • Bloom – RNG Party ($10)
  • Carve Jr. – Chuhai Labs ($8)
  • Direct Drive – DAC Vector ($15)
  • Down the Oubliette – Rebecca König ($5)
  • Eyeland – Ron Lent ($2)
  • Grand Tour Legends – Iorama ($6)
  • Hidey Spot – Panic ($6)
  • Playmaker – Dustin Mierau ($15)
  • Recommendation Dog!! – Sweet Baby Inc. (free)
  • Reel Steal – Sweet Baby Inc. (free)
  • Skew: A The Last Worker Spinoff – Oiffy ($6)
  • Swap Machina – NaOH & Zion D. Hill ($5)
  • Tapeworm Disco Puzzle – Lowtek Games ($9)
  • The Botanist – Cadin Batrack ($9)
  • Word Trip – Shaun Inman ($6)

If you’ve decided now is the time to get a Playdate, you’ll have to join the mailing list for the $179 handheld console.


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