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Original Spectrum Jet Set Willy Bugs Fixed in Unofficial Download

Last Updated on June 1, 2024

A coder has fixed all of the bugs in Jet Set Willy and made the TZX available to download.

One of the most famous home computer video games of the 1980s, Jet Set Willy was infamously buggy, especially on the original ZX Spectrum version. CHXOFT’s modded version of the game features:

loads in 56 secs, all game bugs fixed, loader as original ecept all is in ASM and bold letters, load error handling, turbo loading, main block is one byte less than 16K, cheats selection before start game.

So, just how buggy was Jet Set Willy on the ZX Spectrum? Well, there is an lengthy webpage dedicated to Jet Set Willy bugs (which CHXOFT has referred to in a private Facebook group), charting everything from an incorrect clock and missing musical notes to walls that aren’t there, walls that should be there, walls that stop you moving, items that are invisible, and The Attic.

Perhaps the most frustrating of Jet Set Willy bugs, visiting The Attic prevents completion of the game. But stupid, right? Oh for modern quality assurance checks on those classic 8-bit games.

But all of that has gone with this new unofficial build of the game, which also features various cheat options to improve survival and finally give you a realistic chance of completing the game.

Download the fixed Jet Set Willy for ZX Spectrum [LINK REMOVED] in TZX format.

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