New C64 game Terrestrial

Icon64 and Psytronik Confirm New C64 Game Terrestrial Is Coming Soon

Last Updated on June 1, 2024

The arrival of TheC64 Mini and TheC64 has kickstarted demand for new C64 games. One publisher that has been on the ball from the beginning is Psytronik, with a string of modern classics already in its library.

Coming soon is Icon64’s Terrestrial, an intriguing sci-fi adventure that reminds me of Flash Gordon.

Psytronik Software in association with ICON64 present TERRESTRIAL! A multi-part C64 sci-fi action adventure featuring 9 different mini-games combined into one epic arcade adventure! Take on the role of CAPTAIN HAVOC as he battles against the invading alien hordes!

Returning from a routine patrol on the outer edge of the solar system Captain Havoc receives an urgent communication from Moon Base Ceti. Homeworld is under attack from an unknown alien force! As the only ship in range it’s up to Captain Havoc to investigate.

The game features seven stages:

STAGE 1: Board and launch your attack craft.

STAGE 2: Man the assault cannons and take out the approaching enemy fleet.

STAGE 3: Travel to an occupied city via the canyon. Take out protector ships.

STAGE 4: City battle – engage enemy units. Clear all structures to secure landing zone.

STAGE 5: Tank battle. Traverse landscapes & destroy enemy shield generators.

STAGE 6: Battle the enemy guardians in a thrilling laser-disc battle!

STAGE 7: Defeat the alien brain!

Various screenshot and GIFs can be found in the game’s Pystronik listing page.

Brought to you by Trevor Storey and Stuart Collier, Terrestrial will be released on floppy disk and cartridge for original C64s and will also be C64 Mini and Maxi compatible. Sporting varying gameeplay styles, detailed graphics and animation, and PAL and NTSC compatibility, you will be able to order Terrestrial from

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