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DariusBurst CS Core + TAITO/SEGA Pack for Nintendo Switch

Last Updated on June 1, 2024

A new installment of the Darius series is now available to buy for Nintendo Switch, and features levels from earlier entries alongside craft from other games in the ultimate arcade shooter mashup!

The latest release of this arcade style shooting game lets you pilot one of 15 shops into battle, combatting relentless waves of enemies and vast, aquatic-style battleships across different stages an settings. Each level ends with a boss, but things are switched up with the TAITO/SEGA pach, which bring the CS and DLC modes from the DariusBurst Chronicle Saviours on PS4, Vita, and Steam. This brings the whole history of the Darius saga to Nintendo Switch for the first time.

  • In CS mode, unlock a space opera spanning the Darious franchise history, with new scenarios and 6 new areas (resulting in 225 in total), with Ghost Mode, Replay Mode, and force feedback
  • In DLC mode, pilot the six guest ships from SEGA and TAITO franchises in dedicated stages.

Those six new ships in DariusBurst CS:

  • Night Striker / Inter Gray (TAITO): A high speed 3D shooter released into arcades in 1989. Pilot the Inter Gray through the city at night using the analog stick and trigger. 
  • Metal Black / Black Fly (TAITO): A side scrolling shooter released into arcades in 1991. It was known for its unique beam-duels, hard-boiled story and elaborate direction. 
  • RayForce / X-Lay (TAITO): A vertically scrolling shooter released into arcades in 1994. Targeting multiple enemies with the lock on laser was the key to mastering this game. 
  • Space Harrier / Harrier (SEGA): Harrier the warrior uses his super blaster in his adventures from the all-time classic Sega shooting game. 
  • Galaxy Force II / TRY-Z (SEGA): Sega’s ultimate “body-sensing” game. The Super Deluxe Type cabinet wowed players with its movement: 15 degrees up or down and 335 degrees to both the right or left.. 
  • Fantasy Zone / OPA-OPA (SEGA): Unique graphics and novel gameplay helped this game become a big hit. Use the coins you get from destroying enemies to buy weapons!      

Strictly Limited Edition of DariusBurst CS Core

Two unique editions are available for pre-order exclusively via the Strictly Limited Games online shop. 

The Limited Edition is limited to 3,000 copies for Nintendo Switch at a price of (29.99€/29.99 USD), including a colorful game manual and an exclusive serialized title sheet.  

Meanwhile, the Collector’s Edition is limited to 2,000 copies for Nintendo Switch (59.99€/59.99 USD), and boasts these additional collectibles:  

  • CE Box w/ Magnetic Latch 
  • Manual 
  • Enamel Logo Pin 
  • Cool Metal Dog Tag 
  • Official CD Soundtrack 
  • Acrylic Starship Standee 
  • Reversible Poster 
  • Acrylic Artcards 
  • Sew-on Patch 

Head to the Nintendo eShop to buy your copy of DariusBurst CS Core, or pre-order a physical copy (standard or special edition) from Strictly Limited Games.

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