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GoldenEye with Mario Characters Returns with Another Update

Last Updated on October 4, 2022

Modding games has given people endless opportunities to how they can play the games they love and this one just proves how far it can go.

GoldenEye 007 and Super Mario 64 are two titles that dominated the N64 front of video games – and now they have been merged into one.

The GoldenEye with Mario Characters mod was released in 2021 and has been receiving updates since, with this most recent one making it version 3.17 and adding 15 multiplayer maps.

These maps include classic stages from Super Mario 64 such as Bob-Omb Battlefield and Big Boo’s Haunt, two iconic stages from the renowned game.

StupidMarioBros1Fan and their respective team are the ones you should thank for this unusual yet entertaining creation.

This mod is far more than visual aspects however.

It includes re-imagined dialogue between characters in the story, with it being adapted to suit the characters from the Super Mario franchise.

The characters are replaced in the story according to who is best suited, with your default bad guys now being Koopa Troopas, and the higher up villain line consisting of other of Mario’s rivals such as Wario and Bowser himself.

There is plenty more to experiment with in this mod with additional weapons for the multiplayer maps as well as some unfinished maps found in the data files from the original game that have been completed, so even those who are not Mario fans, if there is such a thing, can try this mod just for the original GoldenEye 007 content that could have been.

The multiplayer maps however will be released “at some point into the future” according to the developer giving us much to look forward to.

This mod is only available to download via a ROM in sites such as ModDB, so if you are interested be sure to check it out!

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