Sonic Spinball

Cancelled Sonic Spinball PC Version Uncovered Box Art

A PC version of SEGA’s Sonic Spinball was cancelled in the 1990s, but not before box art packaging was designed.

Just when we think we know everything about some of the biggest game series of all time, a new interesting story from the developers jumps into the mix. Imagine an alternate reality where other games could have existed? Would the series be where it is today?

SEGA’s official retro Twitter SEGA Forever has announced that 1995 could have been the year a PC version of the Mega Drive’s Sonic Spinball launched. They revealed the official box art that would have been used for the port, showcasing the continuation of the white border and the “SEGA PC” logo centred boldly at the top of the art.

Sonic Spinball was a pinball-style video game published by SEGA in 1993, set in the continuity of the Sonic the Hedgehog animated series. Players control Sonic the Hedgehog across a series of pinball machine-like environments with Sonic acting as the pinball. Selling over 2 million copies worldwide, the game was praised for its innovative gameplay, visuals, and soundtrack. The game has been re-released several times, including on the Nintendo Switch.

The reason for the PC port’s cancellation is unknown and no further information regarding it has been provided by SEGA Forever. They did highlight that Ecco the Dolphin and Comix Zone were two titles that were ported from Mega Drive to PC as enhanced re-releases. Going back to that alternate universe, we can only imagine what this would have been like for Sonic Spinball.

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