The Chaos Engine

Amiga Classic The Chaos Engine Demoed on C64

Last Updated on November 14, 2023

C64 owners could get the chance to enjoy a 16-bit classic as The Chaos Engine is ported to the 8-bit system.

16-bit run-and-gun classic The Chaos Engine looks amazing on the Amiga. So how come it also looks so good on the Commodore 64?

Set across four landscapes, the one- or two-player top-down shooter involves plenty of shooting as well as collectables and map sections that must be unlocked to proceed. It’s one of my personal favourite Amiga games latterly; back in the day, it frustrated me, but having revisited on the Evercade’s Bitmap Brothers Collection 1, I’ve found it an enjoyable and intensive gaming experience.

Here’s a look at the Amiga version, followed by the CD32, Atari ST, MS-DOS, SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive, and the SNES versions:

But with those stunning arcade style graphics and complex maps, how on earth could it run on the Commodore 64?

Well, let’s have a look:

Now of course the C64 version would never be able to hit the multicoloured 16-bit delights of those other versions. But WOW! It might have a paler palette, but the C64 can apparently do some very pretty animations for explosions – who knew?!

And as for the in-game soundtrack, well , that sounds excellent.

This project, billed as a “tribute” to The Chaos Engine, is by Marv Hardy. You can follow his progress on his Twitter feed, @MoreC64.


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