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Pixel Addict Magazine 9 Gives You a PlayStation Special!

Last Updated on October 9, 2023

Amiga Addict’s sister publication Pixel Addict magazine is out soon, boasting a wealth of retro computing magic.

As you can see from the front cover, the mag focuses on the original Sony PlayStation with a 12-page special, featuring insider stories on the cultural impact of the console. The special boasts very special guests: Violet Berlin (Bad Influence), Dominik Diamond (GamesMaster), Geoff Glendenning (Sony), Glen O’Connell (Psygnosis), Julian “Jax” Rignall (Virgin Interactive), Alex Verrey (Games World), Stuart Whyte (PlayStation) and Tim Wright (musician).

Pixel Addict Magazine 9

Elsewhere in Pixel Addict #9:

  • Wing Commander movie retrospective.
  • The Fallout series – let’s rewind back to the origins of this remarkable post-apocalyptic game franchise.
  • Metal Music in video games.
  • The Evercade handheld console.
  • More from our BASIC programming series.
  • An overview of some of the most memorable CGI computer effects used in movies.
  • The Pixel Addict writers’ favourite ZX Spectrum game picks.
  • Rare and unusual computing with the Hanimex Pencil II micro computer and IBM PCjr.
  • Retro Pentium PC restoration.
  • The A-Pet custom computer case.
  • My Dad Is A Nerd.
  • Sir Clive Sinclair’s Z88 portable.
  • 80s toys and collectables. This month it’s Centurions: Ace McCloud.
  • Regulars such as News, Homebrew Heroes, readers’ points of view and ex-Ocean Software’s Simon Butler.
  • Plus lots lots more..!

If you’re new to this publication, fear not. It’s like Amiga Addict, but with a wider selection of devices. Slanted towards British computing, a typical issue might boast BBC Micros, ZX Spectrums, and features about specific hardware peripherals. Interviews with people connected to the industry are also common.

In short, it’s ideal for fans of old-school computing.

Issue 9 of Pixel Addict magazine is available from January 26th, 2023. You can buy Pixel Addict on the high street (or shopping centre) at WHSmith, or order online from pixel.addict.media. But you can no longer pay with PayPal.

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