Gorefest Splatter House Rips Up the Arcade Archives

Gory nonsense in the form of 2D cleave-and-dodge scroller Splatter House is the latest entry into Hamster’s Arcade Archives. The NAMCO classic hit arcades way back in 1988 and features a Michael Myers-esque character making everything he encounters considerably shorter.

The official description of Splatter House is as follows:

Take control of the hero, Rick, and use the power of the spirit in your mask to make your way through the cursed mansion to rescue your girlfriend Jennifer. Fight off merciless monsters to get out of the haunted mansion alive!

While originally an arcade release, Splatter House nevertheless saw releases on consoles, with PC Engine getting a censored port and the Sega Mega Drive hosting two sequels. The less said about the Xbox 360/PS3 hack ‘n’ slash remake, the better.

This release of Splatter House is for the Nintendo Switch and Sony PlayStation 4. As an Arcade Archives release, you can change in-game difficulty settings, visual display options to create a more authentic cabinet “feel” and compete against high scores set by players around the world.

Splatter House is available now on the Nintendo eShop for £6.29 and on the PlayStation Store for £5.79.

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