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Sega Mega Drive Zero Tolerance Game Gets Reissue and Limited Physical Release

Last Updated on May 29, 2024

Iconic 1990s shooter Zero Tolerance is heading back to consoles this year with a limited physical release from Strictly Limited Games, QUByte Interactive and Piko Interactive.

A 2.5D first-person shooter set in an alien-infested future, the forthcoming release includes special editions that include never before seen game content and physical exclusives. Zero Tolerance Origins will be compatible with Sega Mega Drive / Sega Genesi, and is available for pre-order from today (Sunday, April 24th 2022) at Strictly Limited Games.

In addition, the Zero Tolerance Collection for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, as boxed Limited and Special Limited Editions, is also available for pre-order.

Zero Tolerance Origins includes two games

The Mega Drive/Genesis release of Zero Tolerance Origins includes both original game Zero Tolerance and its never-released sequel, Beyond Zero Tolerance. This continues from where the original game left off.

Meanwhile, the Zero Tolerance Collection for modern consoles adds a third title, the unlockable prototype of Beyond Zero Tolerance!

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What is Zero Tolerance?

Released in 1994 for Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, Zero Tolerance pits you against an alien invasion in the distant future. The subsequent games follow the storyline:

  • Fight back the aliens’ attack on the spaceship Europe-1 and repel their invasion on earth in Zero Tolerance.

  • Hunt down the invaders on a subway mission in the never before released sequel Zero Tolerance Underground.

  • Play through Zero Tolerance or Zero Tolerance Underground to unlock the prototype of Beyond Zero Tolerance where you defeat the alien enemies on their home planet (only in Zero Tolerance Collection)

The games include laser guns, mines, flamethrower, and colourful, complext levels spanning various locations.

Special Editions from Strictly Limited Games

Strictly Limited Games is releasing the Zero Tolerance game in unique limited editions, available for pre-order exclusively from the Strictly Limited Games online shop.

The Zero Tolerance Collection – Limited Edition is limited to 3,000 copies for Nintendo Switch and 1,200 for PlayStation 4, at a price of 29.99€ / $34.99, including a colourful game manual.

Meanwhile, The Zero Tolerance Collection – Special Limited Edition is limited to 2,000 copies for Nintendo Switch and 800 for PlayStation 4, for 49.99€ / $55.99, with a ton of collectibles: 
  • Special Limited Edition Box

  • Game for Nintendo Switch or PS4

  • Colourful Game Manual 

  • 2 reversible Posters (DIN A3) 

  • 3 Logo Stickers 

  • Postcard Set 

  • Cardboard Standee 

  • Soundtrack CD 

  • Game Flyer (DIN A6)

If you want the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis version of Zero Tolerance Origins, this is limited to 1,500 cartridges compatible with Sega Mega Drive and 1,500 cartridges compatible with Sega Genesis. These cost 49.99€ / $55.99 and include a colourful game manual.

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