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You Won’t Believe How Good Amiga Game Caravandalf Looks

Last Updated on August 7, 2023

Caravandalf is a new shooter for Amiga AGA systems, with amazing scrolling and crisp, SNES style graphics.

This has been doing the rounds for a few days, but I had to be certain it was genuine before sharing. Originally a submission to AmiGameJam 2022, Caravandalf is a caravan mode/score attack-style experience. You control a flying wizard dealing with all manner of airborne meanies.

The main highlight of this title, however, is the stunning scrolling and pretty graphics. Clearly a title that utilises AGA Amigas (Amiga 600, 1200, and 4000), the game is simply described by developers as “A wizardly caravan mode shmup, by Peter & Gordon Mackay.”

As pretty as the game looks, there is one concern; some have observed it might be a little “dizzying.” Our suggestion? Don’t play it on a full screen resolution. Oh, and avoid enabling autofire, as that won’t help you get as big a score as you think it might.

Developed in C on a MacBook Air 2015, Caravandalf runs on original hardware and emulators. (An Amiga 1200 is listed as a testing device.) The download is in the form of an ADF file, which can run on an updated A500 mini. Of course, if you’re an Amiga fan, you know exactly how to attach an ADF to an emulator. You might even export it to your Amiga’s modern storage.

You can download the game from Itch.io.


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