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You Can Now Play Atari ST Emulator Games on A500 Mini

Last Updated on June 22, 2023

Long-term rivals now share a home as Atari ST emulator runs on the A500 Mini Amiga computer.

Cast your mind back to the 16-bit home computer wars of the 1990s. It was – in the UK at least – Amiga vs. Atari. While the Amiga was better for games, the Atari was better for music production.

Case in point: I schooled with both a future prominent West End musical director and a future club DJ (two people, same school year). They both had Atari STs, whereas the rest of us with computers had an Amiga (or in my case, a Commodore 64 until the last year of school).

But that doesn’t mean the Atari couldn’t handle games. Indeed, I was at the Grainger Market in Newcastle last week and saw a lovely collection of boxed games high on a shelf.

“Are they Amiga or PC up there?”


You could see it coming a mile off. After all, what self-respecting Amiga fan wouldn’t have bought those games?

As recent projects have demonstrated, the Atari ST was no slouch. It probably got a bit of a bad rap – unnecessarily so – due to being the source of the Robocop game on the Amiga. )A straight port from the ST, many Amiga users were heavily disappointed with Ocean at the time.)

Which is why it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that you can now install an Atari ST emulator on the A500 Mini.

The process requires you to install Amiberry and the Atari ST emulation software EmuTOS. The result is a nice 640×400 resolution display and a system that can read ST disk images. Dual support for these 16-bit behemoths is a smart option if you want to revisit the complete collection of games and software from the era.

Check this (translated) forum post for more details.

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