Xeno Crisis on GameCube and Nintendo 64!

Last Updated on April 27, 2024

Bitmap Bureau’s twin-stick shooter retro-style Xeno Crisis is being ported to the GameCube and Nintendo 64. This 2019 release made its way to most modern consoles at the time including the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

Originally starting off as a Kickstarter, it reached nearly 1,300 backers and is now expanding its reach to retro consoles. Announcing the Xeno Crisis GameCube and N64 launch on April Fool’s Day, Bitmap ensured that people knew this was not a prank. Included in their tweet was also a release of Final Vendetta’s OST as a double vinyl set.

There’s ability to select the region version for Xeno Crisis (both version are region-free, however, the N64 version includes some restrictions) and an instruction manual included. Xeno Crisis is available to pre-order for £55.00 on N64 and £30.00 on GameCube. Head to the Bitmap Bureau website to order your copy.

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