Witch Rise: A Cute and Colorful Boomer Shooter Out on Consoles

Witch Rise: A Cute and Colorful Boomer Shooter Out on Consoles

Last Updated on January 30, 2024

Ring in the New Year with Witch Rise, a charming first-person shooter from Ratalaika Games and lightUP! Launching on January 19th for PlayStation 4, 5, Xbox One, Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch, it’s a no-frills, fast-paced blast through a magical kingdom.

Blast from the past meets fast-forward

Retro fans rejoice! Witch Rise (already available on Steam) delivers the beloved pixelated graphics and familiar feel of old-school classics, but ups the ante with challenging gameplay and breakneck speed.

Witch Rise is a new twist on an old spell

lightUP brings their unique touch to the game, replacing violence with cute, colorful aesthetics and non-violent gameplay. “Witch Rise stands out,” explains lightUP, “with its adorable style and leveling system that lets players power up their character for even more fun!”

Piglet power

Our protagonist is a magical prodigy who catches the jealous eye of a power-corrupted witch. Cursed into a piglet, she must collect four magic staffs to break the spell and reclaim her human form.

The game world, split into four diverse biomes, is your oyster! Explore them in any order, each offering unique visuals, challenges, and enemies. Face a boss at the end of each biome, and shop for powerful items in hidden stores.

Prepare for battle in Witch Rise

Wield swords, melee weapons, and magical staffs against formidable foes. Mastering movement and timing is key against the game’s toughest enemies: the bosses.


  • FPS (“boomer shooter“) gameplay
  • Medieval fantasy setting
  • 4 distinct biomes
  • Adorable 2D pixel art in a 3D world
  • Open exploration with multiple paths
  • Item collection and leveling
  • Retro-inspired visuals
  • Non-violent magic mechanics
  • Shop for upgrades
  • Blend of genres for a unique experience
  • 80 rooms across 4 biomes

Ready to take flight? Witch Rise casts its spell on January 19th. Are you ready to join the adventure?

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