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WiC64 Wireless Interface for C64, VIC20, and C128

Last Updated on June 1, 2024

Ever wondered what it would be like to browse the internet on a Commodore 64? Wonder no more: the WiC64 brings Wi-Fi networking to the C64, VIC20, and Commodore 128 computers.

While the design has been around for a while, the WiC64 is finally reaching a more polished stage. Comprising a dedicated board, an ESP32, and an LCD display, recent iterations of the WiC64 are compatible with various custom case designs. The LCD display highlights the device IP and connection status, while elsewhere on the WiC64 there is a reset button that can restart the computer.

Designed to be attached to the user port (on the C64, that’s the port next to the Datasette port), the WiC64 requires firmware to run, but once it’s connected to your local network a whole new world of C64, VIC20, C128, and even SX64 computing will be opened.

Software must be downloaded to the Commodore computer that provides a gateway to the internet for WiC64 owners. Through the WiC64 portal, software can be downloaded and chats enjoyed with other users.

Available in assembled and a non-assembled four-piece kit, you can learn more about the WiC64 at www.wic64.de. It’s worth taking the time to read the English language manual, too.

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