Two games based on GameCenter CX coming to Nintendo Switch

Two Games Based on GameCenter CX Coming to Nintendo Switch

Last Updated on September 8, 2023

Bandai Namco has announced they are porting the first two GameCenter CX games to the Nintendo Switch. Sadly, the games are coming exclusively to Japan with no mention of when/if they will ever be ported elsewhere. 

If you’ve not heard of GameCenter CX, you may know Retro Game Challenge. This Nintendo DS game is the Western version of the first GameCenter CX game and tasks players with completing challenges on retro-styled minigames. Although the minigames are all original, many resemble original Famicom games. There’s a ton of attention to detail in Retro Game Challenge, including illustrated manuals for each game.

As you may expect, most of the comments are in Japanese, but the few in English wish the game would come to the West. I share the sentiment, as this collection looks fantastic. There’s a ton of variety between the minigames, and I appreciate the presentation, as the games aren’t just on a mundane list.

Although I’m unfamiliar with the series, the gameplay resembles NES Remix on the 3DS and Wii U. These games featured dozens of mini-challenges based on retro classics but in a modern setting. If you want to play these games when they arrive on the Japanese Switch store, it is possible to get them, although you’ll have to jump through a few hoops. You can access the JP store by creating a Japanese account.

You’ll still need to navigate through the Japanese Nintendo Switch Store, but once the game is on your console, all profiles, including your native one, should be able to play. For me, this isn’t usually worth the hassle, but I may make an exception for GameCenter CX.

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