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Twitch Streamer Completes all Nintendo 64 Games Within 6 Years

Last Updated on September 8, 2022

With 296 titles to choose from, the North American library of Nintendo 64 games can provide years of entertainment for the avid gamer. When made into a challenge, however, one person was able to rise up and take the trophy.

As announced by Essentially Sports, Twitch streamer AceGamerSam from Canada was able to beat all 296 North American N64 game releases in almost six years. This extraordinary feat was what motivated him to livestream, starting with the title Super Mario 64, a game which the streamer holds dearly, as he explains to Radio-Canada,

Super Mario 64 was important to me because it came full circle. It’s the first three-dimensional game I played and replayed when I was eight or nine years old. It accompanied me in my youth when I went to play with friends too. To return to this game and to play, it represents a form of comfort for me.”

(Translated by Essentially Sports)

Despite this crowned king’s achievement, it did not go without its hardships. The Legend of Zelda series, being renowned for its many side quests and hidden puzzles, caused the streamer confusion surrounding what true completion meant. Along this incredible journey, he collated more favourites such as Diddy Kong Racing, Banjo Kazooie and Perfect Dark but critiqued Aidyn Chronicles on its potential to be a better experience for the player.

Celebrating his victory, he went on to tweet (in French), “After five and a half years of work, I finally arrived at the grand finale of my N64 Challenge. I have a hard time believing that I made it through this challenge and didn’t give up along the way.” 

Now that’s how you tackle a backlog! You can follow AceGamerSam on Twitch to see what he does next…

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