Tomb Raider Remastered

Tomb Raider vs. Tomb Raider Remastered Compared

Last Updated on February 5, 2024

Tomb Raider Remastered is out this month, but how does it compare with the original trilogy?

Somehow I never played Tomb Raider back in the day. While I’m familiar with the 2015/16 version and the mobile games, I was far more interested in DOOM, Duke Nukem, Quake, and Wolfenstein – macho male stuff.

The bra bursting, gravity defying balancing act of Lara Croft seemed both unnatural and disturbing. I certainly wasn’t PC back then… but then, as now, I know cynical marketing when I see it.

While the more realistic physical standards of the modern Lara Croft are more acceptable, I have occasionally wondered about trying out the Core Design/Eidos original. Thanks to Aspyr’s upcoming remaster (yes Aspyr, so hold onto your hats) I’ve suddenly realised that this might be something I can finally do.

Of course, based on the trailer comparison, Ms Croft remains ridiculously proportioned.

Tomb Raider Remastered comprises all three original games and is due for release on St Valentine’s Day, February 14th, on all platforms. Along with improved graphics, the new release also features an overhauled control system, although the old tank mode can be used instead if preferred.

You can currently preorder the collection on Fanatical for Steam, with a small discount. It’s fair to say that three remastered games for under $30 (£24.99 RRP in the UK) is something of a bargain.

(It’s worth noting that while there is an RTX Remix of Tomb Raider, this remaster is independent of NVIDIA’s technology.)

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