Three Classic Fallout Games Free on the Epic Store Soon [UPDATED]

Last Updated on February 19, 2024

We’ve learned that the classic Fallout titles previously reported as being available free on the Epic Games Store have now been pulled. The original story continues below.

While classic Fallout games have been largely ignored thanks to the swanky first/third person presentation of Fallout 3 and 4, the franchise began life as an isometric RPG adventure. It’s definitely worth winding back the clock to check these games out – and thanks to Epic Games, you can.

Sure, you could rely on the Fallout Community Edition, but this requires some original assets. With the genuine games in your library, you can play classic Fallout like it’s 1997.

The Fallout series is a post-apocalyptic role-playing video game franchise that originated in 1997 with the release of Fallout. The series is set in a retrofuturistic world, heavily influenced by the culture of the 1950s, that has been ravaged by nuclear war. Players take on the role of survivors who must navigate the wasteland, interact with factions, and make choices that will affect the world around them.

The original Fallout launched to a great reception. In fact, a glance at Wikipedia reveals that Fallout and Fallout 2 score higher than any of the sequels, aside from Fallout 3. Clearly expectations have changed in the past 27 years, but it goes without saying that the original games are widely respected.

Would they score so highly in 2024? Perhaps not, but then it always depends on who is doing the reviewing, doesn’t it?

The free classic Fallout titles available on the Epic Games Store are:

  • Fallout 1
  • Fallout 2
  • Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel

These titles are available on the Epic Games Store from Thursday 22nd February, running for a week, until 29th February.

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