Three Atari 7800 Gaming Gems Return on May 24th!

Three Atari 7800 Gaming Gems Return on May 24th!

Last Updated on January 29, 2024

Get ready to revisit retro greatness! Three iconic Atari 7800 games – Fatal Run, Food Fight, and Ninja Golf – are roaring back onto the scene with individual cartridge re-releases, arriving on May 24th, 2024.

Buckle up for retro thrills!

These lovingly recreated cartridges are compatible with both the legacy Atari 7800 and the new Atari 2600+, offering seamless access to retro delights for seasoned veterans and curious newcomers alike.

  • Fatal Run: Speed through a post-apocalyptic wasteland in this high-octane delivery adventure. Race against the clock, dodge hazards, and deliver lifesaving medicine in your quest to reach the world’s last hope. Originally released in 1990, this classic reawakens the enduring allure of post-apocalyptic themes.
  • Food Fight: Sharpen your reflexes and grab your joystick! As Charley, dodge a barrage of food from mischievous chefs to savor that delicious ice cream cone. This fast-paced arcade gem, beloved for its simple yet addictive gameplay, remains a retro favorite.
  • Ninja Golf: Prepare for a wild combo of golfing prowess and ninja mastery! Swing your club, unleash ninja skills, and navigate courses riddled with hazards and rival ninjas. This unconventional blend of genres makes Ninja Golf one of the most unique titles in Atari history.

Here’s a look at these Atari 7800 games:

A time warp of Atari 7800 games!

Pre-order your favorites starting January 29th, 2024, for £24.99 (€29.99/AU$44.99/$29.99) each.

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