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THE400 Mini’s CXstick Details Revealed

Last Updated on February 23, 2024

Specifics about the CXstick joystick are driving THE400 Mini fans wild with excitement.

Details about the CXstick have been shared with a Facebook group dedicated to THE400 Mini, the upcoming mini Atari 400 console from Retro Games Ltd.

Since its unveiling, the compact Atari 400 themed console has drawn plenty of interest, even from those unsure of its purpose. But one aspect of the release that has attracted positive vibes is the joystick.

The official publicicity on the joystick read: “A superb recreation of the classic Atari CX-40 joystick with an additional seven seamlessly integrated function buttons, making it compatible with a wide range of gaming platforms without spoiling its look.

Feeling just like the original, from its shape, texture and iconic rubber stick, it features a responsive action with self-aligning directions, perfect for accurate fast action play.”

New details expand on this, explaining the shoulder buttons and the ring. “All of THE400 Mini’s functions can be performed with THECXSTICK. THECXSTICK has a directional stick, a fire button, a shoulder button 5, a four-way button ring labelled TOP and, and two function buttons MENU and HOME.”

The new information (shared in a private Facebook group) also explains how these joystick will integrate with the Games Carousel (although details of the carousel are still unknown): “Prompts for which buttons to press to perform functions are listed at the bottom of the screen on the Games Carousel and THE400 Mini’s various menus. In the Games Carousel, press to view a help screen showing which buttons to press in the currently selected game. While playing a game, pressing HOME will take you back to the Games Carousel. While playing a game, THECXSTICK can be used to access some special in-game functions.”

Unsurprisingly, THE400 Mini features a rewind mode (HOME+LEFT), which is among those special features. The CXstick can also be used in right or left handed mode. “THECXSTICK can operate in either right or left handed mode. To switch the joystick into left handed mode, where the joystick is rotated to have the fire button at the top right, press MENU+ 5+ RING-LEFT. To switch back into right handed mode, where the fire button is at the top left, press MENUI +5 + RING-RIGHT.”

THE400 Mini is available to order on Amazon, and has a March 28th launch date. The CXstick can be ordered seperately. For accurate, approved information about the joystick, visit the Retro Games Ltd website.

(Naturally, information is undoubtedly subject to change.)

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