Tandy computers in Pixel Addict 19

The legacy of Tandy computers in Pixel Addict #19

Last Updated on March 26, 2024

Tandy computers like the TRS-80, TRS-80 Pocket Computer and the Tandy 1000 are recalled in the latest Pixel Addict magazine.

Tandy was once one of the biggest names in computing. They even had their own shops, years before Apple. In my own neck of the woods, a small town in North Yorkshire, Tandy had a standard electronics store (think Maplin) and another shop licensed to sell its stock.

I owned a bit of Tandy gear, although by the 1990s it was all Radio Shack branded, the subsidiary that the main company would later take as its name. I bought my first electronics project box from Tandy, a 2xAA battery power unit, and a few other devices. One favourite gadget was a pillow speaker, small enough to fit under my pillow and playback recordings of my GCSE revision, back in the Spring of 1992.

Back then, I was aware of the Tandy computer line, but like most Amiga-owning teenagers I wasn’t too au fait with IBM compatibles. Fortunately, Pixel Addict 19 is here with a look at Tandy’s history and how the company dominated the early PC market with computers like the TRS-80, TRS-80 Pocket Computer, and Tandy 1000.

It’s not all about the Tandy computers

Tandy computers in Pixel Addict 19

There is more to Pixel Addict 19 than just old IBM compatibles and quirky pocket computers:

  • Bullfrog Productions lead game designer, Alex Trowers reveals exclusive behind-the-scenes insights into the development of the unreleased Stunt Car Racer Pro.  (Alex was also responsible for games such as Syndicate Wars, Dungeon Keeper and Theme Park to name only a few!)
  • A celebration of 40 years of the iconic King’s Quest series. Taking an in-depth look at the original game which made Sierra On-Line a household name, they also consider its recent remake and other games from the franchise.
  • Review of Atari’s recently released 2600+ console – but how does it fares against the faithful old “Woody”?
  • A retrospective look at the 2018 movie Rampage.
  • Remembering the Super Nintendo: how the SNES stayed on top of Nintendo during the 16-bit console wars of the 1990s.
  • Sega Power and Mega magazine editor, Neil West – who also contributed to GamesMaster, Total, and later, became editor of Next Gen and Arcade magazines!
  • 20 GOTO 10: 10101001 Facts About Retro Computers book review
  • An interesting overview of Multitech’s MPF-II computer, an Apple II clone… with a twist!
  • How radio and the radio industry are portrayed in the world of Pokemon Crystal Version.
  • MicroProse racing game memories, including the Formula One Grand Prix series and useful GP2Edit program.
  • Final votes are counted for the results of the Pixel Addict team’s Greatest Classic Games Machine of all time!
  • What Was Once Old, Is New Again – how the Neo Geo continues to thrive through new indie game releases.
  • Reviews of classic games Monty Mole (Spectrum/C64) and Chip’s Challenge (Atari Lynx), which have arrived on Nintendo Switch!
  • Pixel Addict’s NES assembly coding tutorial series continues, this month focussing on controller input.
  • Regulars such as news, vintage toy collectables and Homebrew Heroes games section.
  • Plus lots lots more..!

Find out more about how to get your hands on Pixel Addict 19 at the Addict Media website.

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