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The Cursed Knight for SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive Funded in 7 Hours

Last Updated on June 1, 2024

Well, this is incredible. The Cursed Knight, a real SEGA Mega Drive and Genesis game listed on Kickstarter, was funded in just 7 hours this week.

Already 100% finished and tested, the crowdfunder was launched to raise funds for physical production and collector limited editions.

Here’s what the game is about:

Year 3122. After the fall of our civilization, the Earth has become the principality of Dallongeville, ruled by the king Alberich.

Ancient technologies are now myths, AIs have become gods and ancient warriors have turned into legends.

With 5 million inhabitants, Dallongeville is the last bastion of humanity. Its handful of genetically modified soldiers are continually at war against invaders from all over the galaxy.

Play as Kalder the protector knight, a genetically modified and enhanced human who worships the AI Skull, now called Skull god.

Following a confrontation that has not ended well, he is going to try and bring back to life his sweetheart, the princess of Dallongeville, risking his life on a journey at the boundaries of the galaxy.

The Cursed Knight is a collaboration of Fawzi Zaidi, Arnaud Demarais, Christian Gaudin, Bob Hombourger and Guilhem Mercier.

As you can see in the trailer, it looks a fun shooter that draws on many established and influential games from the past. Following successful funding, the team behind The Cursed Knight added the following update: “The project is funded thanks to your amazing support!”

The €45 package of The Cursed Knight is the one still available, which includes a digital version of the game and soundtrack along with the game cartridge and manual in a classic cartridge box, complete with stunning artwork.

At the time of writing, the Kickstarter has just over a day to go, with 1,970 backers raising £103,246. The target was a mere £38,271! You can learn more and back The Cursed Knight on Kickstarter.

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