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Taito and Capcom Super Pocket handhelds get firmware update

Last Updated on March 29, 2024

If you own the Super Pocket handhelds from HyperMegaTech (they’re Evercades), you can now get a firmware update.

Released back in October, the Capcom and Taito themed devices are each equipped with great arcade classics from each company. But until now, the most flexibility you could get from one was to play games from an Evercade cartridge.

The update adds fixes to screen localization and text position on some games, and improves support for titles such as Cathedral and Donut Dodo. Anecdotally, the update also makes the Super Pocket faster.

How easy is it to update the Super Pocket firmware?

I tried the update process on the Taito edition Super Pocket using my wife’s Windows laptop (I use Linux, but it is only available on Windows; a Mac version is apparently in development). It works quickly and efficiently, and is really easy to do.

You can find the Super Pocket firmware updater tool at

The download is a ZIP file, so the executable will need extracting. The Microsoft Defender SmartScreen may appear, so click More info, then Run anyway. (This is likely due to the updater tool being unfamiliar to Microsoft.)

Once downloaded, connect your console to your computer with a USB Type-C cable.

In the next screen, click the icon that matches your Super Pocket handheld. If you’re prompted to install the drivers, do so, then click Restart update. Follow the instructions to make your Super Pocket visible to Windows, then wait while it updates.

It’s that simple!

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