Swos 23-24 update

SWOS 23/24 Season Update for PC and Amiga!

Last Updated on October 31, 2023

The SWOS 23/24 season update puts all the right players in all the right teams, and in the right order.

If you’re a fan of Sensible World of Soccer, you’ll be pleased to know that the 23/24 season update is available on PC, with an Amiga version coming in late November.

While Sociable Soccer is promising to revive the feeling of Sensible Soccer very soon on current gen hardware, some of us just can’t get enough of the original. SWOS 23/24 is based on the SWOS 2020 release.

Here’s how the update was announced:

Key features of SWOS 2020 23/24 update

If you’re thinking of grabbing the download, here’s what to expect from SWOS 23/24:

– Online Multiplayer
– AMIGA & PC DOS original gameplay
– AMIGA 60 FPS & XBLA gameplay
– AMIGA & DOS menus
– Speedrun mode!
– SWOS Galore (rate & share highlights)
– Practice mode!
– HD widescreen support
– USB controller support
– improved pitch palette
– improved sound files (stereo)
– auto-updater for database / launcher / executable
– database browser, full search engine for players/teams
– DLC for pitches, sound fx, commentary, cups & more…

To grab your copy of the SWOS 2020 23/24 update for PC, head to sensiblesoccer.de/swos-2020. The Amiga version will be available from the same page from late November 2023.

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